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Jill Kirschner

Jill Kirschner has worked closely with people of all ages for more than twenty years. Whether issues have been of an everyday nature or far deeper, she enjoys helping people find faith based and practical solutions to life's dilemmas. Not only has she worked in education, with both adults and children, she has served as a pastor, Christian counselor, coach and senior minister for nearly twenty years. These loves, coupled with years of education, have provided a wealth of knowledge and experience.

What's My Angle?

I've traveled extensively for years, all over the world. In the last twenty years, my two places of abode have been in LA and Atlanta. While one coast is more settled in nature, the west coast is very diverse.

Prior to my life in USA, while living in Australia, I had the privilege, even at a young age, of exploring many cultures. People are an amazing creation of God.

Finally I've had the opportunity to settle into Atlanta and yet I still have the privilege to travel. Family is especially important to me. As I have lived in two different cities, is it any wonder that I now have family in both places? Therefore I believe that I will continue to be a frequent visitor to Los Angeles and Nashville, Tennessee.

No matter where I am, I love investing in people. Whether one on one or on a stage in front of a crowd, I love developing relationships with people. I love discussing things that count in life, that is our relationships. We are not designed to live in isolation. 

The occupation of counseling does not make one superior. We all have flaws and we all make mistakes. I love what I do and have the privilege of it being my occupation. While knowledge, experience and training contribute to expertise, no person is better than another. 

While life has brought me much joy, I am no stranger to pain or hardship. While we can do our best to build a life of comfort, events do not always go to plan. Crises occur no matter our attempts. Despite education, character or maturity in Christ, life brings joy and pain. In fact, I've discovered that the endeavor of building a life of comfort is not in God's plan. Contentment is only found in God.

The above events have led to my diverse working methods. Due to my travels, I understand that meeting in an office for coaching or counseling is not always easy. 

My available options for coaching or counseling  make connection easier. Life is busy. Therefore sessions can be face to face in an office environment, face time of even a phone call. It's your choice.

I love my work and I love people. I hope to hear from you. 

Areas of expertise

  • marital issues

  • premarital coaching and counseling

  • infidelity

  • separation/divorce care

  • parenting issues

  • teenage issues

  • women's issues

  • anxiety and depression

  • issues in the workplace

  • life transitions

  • personal growth/issues

  • self-esteem

  • grief/loss

  • spirituality

  • expertise in problems for pastors and leaders of churches and ministries.

Age Specialties

  • Teenagers

  • Adults

  • Elders

Session Formats

  • Individual

  • Couples

  • Family

  • Group

  • Skype, Face Time, phone and Google Hangout sessions available

  • Does not prescribe medication

Certifications & Qualifications

  • Master of Arts in Practical Ministry - Christian Counseling

  • Master of Divinity

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Counseling

  • Doctor of Ministry

Recommendations & References

"I have had the good fortune of being coached by Jill periodically for the last 6 years. She guided me out of a pretty dark place, sorted out the mess, and showed me how, one minute at a time to point myself toward possibilities.  She doesn’t give you a fish dinner, she teaches you how to fish. She is a God send and an angel (in my opinion) never judging, never condemning, always warm and smiling. If you are blocked in any way, Jill can help." - Paul Gregory (Photographer)

"I've known Jill personally and professionally for over ten years and can say her compassion, love and empathy for others is unparalleled." - Sarah McMullen (Policy developer)

"Jill has been a continual source of inspiration and wisdom for myself and thousands of other people around the globe.  In the 14 years I have known her, my marriage, parenting and finances have all benefited from her broad experience and knowledge as a pastor and counselor." - Penni Hastings (Financial Administrator)

"Jill was my life coach for about a year. My life previously was a mess. I always felt so much better after talking to Jill. She listened and presented practical solutions to my problems that i still remember and use today. I highly recommend her. (Anonymous)

"What an amazing influence Jill has been on our marriage. She was empathetic but gave practical advice in the sessions that changed our marriage for the better. We have never seen a more dedicated or talented counselor. She's world-class. (Anonymous)