Twists & Turns

Life brings twists and turns that are unexpected. No matter how much effort we put into a situation, it may not resolve in a way that we wish. We cannot control life no matter how much we try. We can attempt to build a life of comfort, contentment and success but there is no guarantee of such an outcome.

If we rest our sense of well being on accomplishments we will not experience true contentment. We set ourselves up for misery.

Failure is humbling but it also is a valuable teacher. We can discover things new aspects of God. He does not stop believing in us, encouraging us or treasuring us. He can take our failure and bring hope and good when we thought all was lost.

Life is full of twists and turns. It can be unfair despite our good deeds and efforts. Failure though is an opportunity for a brand new season. And so, when an unexpected event occurs, take time to recuperate but embrace the challenge and determine to go on.