Easy Answers

The older I've got and admittedly, the more educated, the more I've discovered my ignorance. My education taught me a lot and yet there was still so much to learn.

We try so hard to protect ourselves from the calamities of life and therefore adopt easy terms to label dilemmas. In some way we believe that this will help us become immune to such things.

We believe that if we perform certain actions and maintain some connections that life will be fine. We believe that we are building shelter from the storms.

There though is only an element of truth in these last points.

God alone knows one's heart. Even an individual will not understand one's self at times and we will not understand all we do. Outer crises often result from inner confusion.

Reality is that there are many things that we will not know  nor understand.

Easy answers to crises are convenient but rarely bring comfort nor are correct. God alone understands our actions and heart. Therefore it's okay to leave some answers to Him rather than attempting to put labels on every situation.

Habakkuk 3:17-19.