Failing Up

Have you ever felt that you’ve worked extremely hard at something only to find that your efforts failed? Perhaps your quest was to pass an exam, you were working toward a promotion, your hard earned money has been lost in an investment or a relationship has gone awry.

We can find ourselves stuck in a state of shock or uttering words of anger in our loss. We can feel cheated and unworthy, as if God has left something significant out of our personal design to cause this to happen.

We then though have to come to a decision. And this decision is easier on some days than others. We should however align ourselves with this decision and make it a goal.

 Failure can cause us to believe that our usefulness to God and others is over. Failure though can break things in us that need to be broken. God can then piece us back together, creating more than ever, our uniqueness and refining us in the process.

A wonderful lady in my church, going through a unique season, spoke one word to me. “Rise!” On the inside I felt a crumpled mess but that one word has stayed with me at this time.

Failure does not mean that we need to stay kicked to the curb. Even friends and authority will verbalize words that hurt, whether out of their own judgment, personal pain or good intention.

God never fails. Rather God loves to stir our failures and entwine them with His desires for us. We will be different, but His will is carried out in our lives, despite our blunders. God is not limited by our efforts or by the ill intent of others. He doesn’t scratch His head and ponder our plight. He is omniscient and all-powerful. He is the never ending God of love.