New Seasons, Thoughts and Emotions

New seasons are not necessarily invited or pleasant.

Controlling the emotions and thoughts can be difficult and tears may arrive at the most awkward of moments.

There are times when self control just seems too much and maintaining a good attitude seems pointless.

Holiday events and anniversaries are reminders of loss and they loom on the horizon as impending pain when once they were highly anticipated times of excitement.

What does a person do?

Loss is a part of life and everyone will have these moments. No matter how well we attempt to protect and safeguard our lives, these moments will arrive.

God did not design us to live lives of comfort but to be the best that we can be.

Invest in still moments with God. Rather than merely having a one way pleading conversation with God, Psalm 46:10 moments are a necessity.

Allow yourself to speak to God of your pain. Pent up emotion has to escape. 

Plan ahead for difficult moments as much as possible. My friends are a lifeline that have allowed me to cry, they don't try to make me laugh but they allow me to laugh and verbalize in my own time.

Moments of self pity are okay but they should be only moments rather than hours on end.