Strength in Today

In adversity we are tempted to give up. To hide under the bed covers and we catch our minds thinking bizarre thoughts. As our circumstances attempt to consume us, we can lose sight of God.

Yet He is fully aware of the details of our lives. "Yet I am always with you; You hold me by my right hand." (Psalm 73:23)

Our biggest dilemma may be our concern about the problems of tomorrow. Yes they are real and have to be dealt with. If we try, however, to carry tomorrow's pressures today, we can fall under the weight.

God walks with us in the present moment and he will walk with us again tomorrow and on the next day and the next. Therefore we must discipline ourselves to walk through today without becoming weighed down by the future.

Walking within the boundaries of today helps prevent feelings of panic and depression. God walks closely with us in the present, helping us in each moment. and He will be there again with us tomorrow and the next day, and the next.....