Move Over

Crises can cause us to focus on the past good. It is known to us and secure. God though did not create us for comfortable lives.

Crises should become a friend. If we make them an enemy, we find ourselves in panic mode. A good revelation is that God is sovereign over everything. God weaves our crises into our life plan and transforms them to good.

I wish that we just had to choose this thought once but most of us will have to choose it many times each day.

God tells us to rejoice over everything. This fills us with sarcasm, fear and hopelessness. Yet to welcome crises means that we can view them from a new perspective. God designed us to break through the greatest crises, even though we feel inadequate.

Crises will be a reality in our lives and to "welcome them", hand them to God, and allow Him access to guide us in the mess, means the best outcome.

As a parent hovers over the child learning to walk, so God, our perfect Father, does for us. He grabs hold of us when we are about to fall and places His hand close by to steady us. And while we allow Him this place, we move over and prevent ourselves from being the master controller. His wisdom surpasses our biggest mess and therefore can bring good back into our lives. (1 Corinthians 1:24)