Fear and Trust

We as people often congratulate ourselves on our "make it happen" attitude. We applaud those who often overachieve and make huge sacrifices for others.

Knowing God though should be foremost in our ambition. This is tough for most of us. Just as keeping one's marriage partner foremost in relationships, so our commitment to God needs to be kept before all else.

When we seek God before all else, we find Him to be a communicator rather than deaf to our dilemmas.

To believe that He is not for us, or to pursue our own desires without Him, is to blot God's will from our lives. To allow God into all pursuits and to discuss our plans with Him, helps us to see His perspective.

If our goals fit God's plans, then He will help us to achieve them. If not, then He will change the desires of our heart.

To trust is to stare at fear full on. 

Life has many chapters, but each falls into place as we seek God first in each page of each chapter. To turn each page is sometimes easy and sometimes so difficult, but to allow God to be the author of our lives is trust. (Matthew 6:33)