The Value of Me

Do you ever wonder what God will say to you when you stand before Him at the end of life? Will He, God, look at us with pleasure or be scratching his chin in disappointment? Some of us fear this moment.

 We can look at other people and endeavor to be like them. We can attempt to become close to others because they display a noticeable gift or they are "famous" in their field of influence. We try to gain value according to the company we keep.

We will find though only disappointment in this pursuit.

Perhaps we need a shift in our idea concerning value. We have underestimated whom we are. 

God does His greatest works through people with grateful and trusting hearts.

Rather than plotting and planning a path to greatness, God calls us into a relationship with Him, filled with trust and thankfulness.

Rather than viewing yourself in relation to others' achievements, realize that God's path for you is just for you. And as we trust and thank our perfect Father, that He has His own version of greatness for each and every one of us, we cannot miss out in this life.

As we live through each day, practice trust. Practice thankfulness. It's not easy but these things breed contentment, they lift us beyond our circumstances and build the channel through which God builds our lives. (Philippians 4:4)