The Discipline and Power of Rest

We live in a world that celebrates working long hours. It's almost as if we applaud those that work too hard and non stop.

Workaholism and working long hours become a God.

Where though does this lead? While there are periods when long hours are essential or can achieve a goal, long term this lifestyle is destructive.

Perhaps to not live the workaholic lifestyle evokes guilt. Perhaps we feel a second rate person to not live as such. Those around us are still in meetings or commuting to and from work while we are home trying to rest.

Seldom do we hear admiration for one whom knows how to rest but it is a vital key for a healthy life.

God applauds those whom have developed the discipline of rest.

Some times we have to make ourselves rest. We need to put "rest" on our to-do list.

This "task" of rest can take practice. The mind races with things that must be done. 

It can take time to push through to the state of rest and we have to resist the urge to get back to work.

In rest we make time for God, our most vital relationship and the centerpiece of our lives.

In rest we make time for those individuals whom are most dear to us. In rest we allow recuperation in every way and therefore we are able to plan for a better tomorrow. In rest we hear God. (Matthew 11: 28-30)