Strength in a Song

How many times in life do we face fear or intimidation? When these situations approach, we feel ourselves shrinking within ourselves.

The choice is to confront or retreat.

Isaiah, one who endured many fearful situations, writes that God is our strength and song.

We worship a God that created the universe by merely speaking a few words. His words of creation were spoken in mere minutes.

Feeling hopeless and helpless is a wonderful opportunity to cling onto the hand of God.

Fear and intimidation can grab hold of our mind and heart to the degree that we separate ourselves from Him. We are so immersed in anxiety that we remove ourselves from our source of strength and a song. 

We can look at God as that protective Father rather than focussing on an overwhelming situation.

When we look to God expecting Him to intervene on our behalf, there are no limits to what He desires to accomplish in our lives. (Isaiah 12:2)