Convenience, Commitment and Covenant

The prevalent view of society is that life was designed for our satisfaction. Life's primary goal becomes one of our fulfillment and so if some thing becomes difficult, we discard it as soon as possible.

Not all people are like this. Many take commitment extremely seriously. Some though err too quickly to the grace of God rather than seeing commitment as fulfilling and an avenue of blessing.

Society's view tends to be as follows. If the mortgage, car payment, tithe or marriage no longer fit our plans, then it must not be right for me. They therefore withdraw their investment because it is no longer convenient.

Yes, there are times to accept defeat. But society as a whole defaults too quickly to convenience rather than integrity, faithfulness and a commitment.

There is nothing wrong with being a fulfilled person. Whom of us does not enjoy happiness. However if our primary motivation is about happiness, then God is merely a means to an end or one on a sideline to whom we listen on occasion.

We should hear Him in entirety rather than when merely convenient.

None of us will pass through life without repeat failure but we cannot use this as an excuse to pass up commitment too easily.

We therefore sell ourselves short. We fail to see God's full potential unfold in our lives and we never discover the meaning of covenant and commitment.