Never-Never Land

In life we are likely to find ourselves in Never-Never land. This is a place that none want to be. While we find ourselves in unpleasant situations, this is a contrary place to the one of our intentions.

While we can't believe it's happening, it's a part of life and has to be faced. We have to gather our strengths and resources to cope with these circumstances.

It's true that our strength feels sapped by the uncertainties of these situations. We worry about our future or if we even have a future. Therefore we swing between hope and despair wondering our outcome.

Never-Never Land is filled with unknown terrain and in many ways must be travelled alone. While friends and family can love, support and offer temporary relief, Never-Never Land is our personal journey of faith in God.

Most of us will claim that we did not ask for this journey. We should remember that Christ did not request death but He followed through, died on a cross and the outcome was glorious.

Some of us are in denial regarding the why of our situation while others of us aren't. Nevertheless, we are where we are and we have to accept this emotional roller coaster ride as part of our journey, whether it's of our own doing or not.

Our future is ours and we should take responsibility for this.

Our past is a part of our present and future but it can become an ingredient that moulds us for the better. 

We do not have to be the victim of another's decisions even though their choices force us into the land of Never-Never. We can though still make great decisions for our own future.

 (Hebrews 11:1)