"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life." This Scripture, 1 Thessalonians 4:11 caused me to sit back and simply mouth "wow".

In many ways it goes against every thing in which I was raised, both family and church.

After many years of striving and pushing myself, I still find it extremely difficult to sit and read or watch a movie. My mind tells me to keep striving. if I'm not moving I'm not achieving. Crazy, I know!

Don't misunderstand me. To set goals and to encourage our children and ourselves to aim high is good. But while some people achieve huge success and beyond, most of us have to find contentment in a mediocre life.

One of the problems is that we're conditioned in this world to believe that we are only important if we've achieved great success. The growing career, the great looking spouse, the right clothes, appropriate children, the right connections so we can keep climbing the ladder of success. And yet we've got it backwards.

God used a woman named Sarah who was a step from the grave, to birth a child, the first of a great nation.

God chose Moses, a murderer, hiding out in fear for his life, to lead a nation away from slavery.

This Scripture today has helped me to redefine some of my thinking. We strive and strive for greater success to not just find security and contentment but to decrease our feelings of anonymity. 

And yet God chooses the least likely person to win.

There's an important reason for this Scripture to be in the Bible. In our mediocre, and boring lives God IS using us.