Twisted Scripture

I haven’t blogged for quite a while. Yet it’s therapeutic for me and I do believe that I have something to say. My last few years have been a roller coaster. While many of us have faced crises of sorts, my way of coping was to avoid what I loved to do - write. Why is this? Because I feared reprimand and criticism. I’ve decided though to be bold, write, and those whom wish to read and comment can do so.

One of the greatest things that has come to my attention in recent years is the misuse of Scripture. An easy mistake since the church fathers could not even agree on their interpretations.

We live in a time in which church leaders replicate the messages of others. We can take notes and slot it into our own message. We don’t test another’s biblical knowledge. Their words sound great, we think it sounds good and thus, false meaning is out.

Add to that that many leaders find a Scripture to fit an idea that they wish to present to the congregation. And then we love to interpret Scripture in a way that benefits one’s own life!

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Galatians 6:7.

I’ve listened to many messages concerning these words and went along merrily in life not exploring the real meaning. While family, finances, church and health were good, it was easy to embrace various messages regarding this Scripture. I gave, sowed, was generous and the return was magnificent.

What happens though when your love and generosity reap hardship?

For me, life was turned upside down several years ago. Divorce was shocking but then I also lost my job, home and church. My family was devastated and friends that I viewed as lifelong, disappeared. I still face repercussions today. Having inherited PKD, my kidney function plummeted in this time due to stress and inadequate care, the result being a kidney transplant scheduled for August 2.

My previous view of Galatians 6:7 meant that I was immune to hardship because of my sowing. Therefore my onslaught of crises meant that I must be a bad person. I had not sowed enough into relationships, spiritually or financially.

I saw God as a mathematical formula and one whom operated through cause and effect. Fail and you’ll reap more failure. Succeed and more success will come your way. This is not God. He is relational and full of grace.

I still struggle with misguided thoughts. Am I that bad?

Today I have to affirm myself through God’s Word and not another’s message or some one’s praise.

I remind myself that I am broken but am still made in the image of the most loving Father.

We will suffer at the hands of others due to the reality of free will but God will weave His purpose in spite of.

While blessing others and financial giving can be freeing and good, it does not mean that life will always be smooth.

We desperately want to understand God and how He works. If we can achieve that, then maybe we can avoid harm. Maybe we can control our destiny. But this way of thinking is false. It places God as our servant rather than we surrendering to God’s greater plan.

While I still struggle, I’m finding the journey to know the true God to be filled with both joy and struggles as I seek His will.