Activities or communication

The Close Family

Sometimes we consider a close family as a unit that completes activities together.

Activities are wonderful but these things do not mean that a family is close.

Nor is a close family one whom spends time talking. We can talk about all sorts of things - hobbies or necessary tasks. These conversations also do not bring closeness in a family.

A close family is one that truly knows the needs of each other. The things that induce happiness, disappointment, fear or excitement.

We work out the art of communication with our spouse and children. We are unafraid to encourage their opinions and we comfort them through their fears and insecurities.

How do we do this? At times, we have to postpone certain events and desires so that a child or spouse gets needed attention. We need to invest time in today so that we discover the thoughts and emotions of those in our family. 

Love means that we give attention to the needs of those that are closest to us. And it is not just for a season but it is a life commitment.