What Do I Need?

In times of want and need we tend to focus on that particular desire. It becomes our primary focus and occupies our thoughts.

For myself, I found myself reestablishing myself as a single woman, selling and moving homes and finding a new career.

Do I leave my home church or stay? Do I move back to Australia or to a location close to my children?

Such concerns are a normal part of life but the stress of these things can find us pushing God to the periphery.

At such times we can neglect to seek God for help and become obsessed with our dilemma.

What do we do?

I believe that we start with repentance. Do what we usually do when we've neglected some one that we love.

After repentance, let the conversation with God flow.

The more we focus on God, the more access to His unfailing love.

His never ending love is empowering and fuels us as does nothing else. 

Am I Now Broken?

There are all types of broken.

We can appear to have it all together but we are still broken.

We may be broken by our own sin.

Perhaps we have been rejected and hurt by another.

It may have been circumstances that broke us or we may be just plain messed up, like every body else.

We all come into the world with the sins of our fathers passed down to us. We are also torn up by original sin.

Thank goodness that we bear the image of God.

As an individual, you may look around and believe that you are the only broken person. This probably means that you are the most authentic.

If another seems unbroken, then they are likely just good at covering up the truth.

Those Days

Some days are overwhelming. We don't know exactly the reason or perhaps we do.

We feel stuck in certain circumstances and that there are no options. God seems silent to our plight. Being content seems an impossibility.

I believe that our very first option though is to unload our burden onto God. We often withhold our pain from Him because we are so overwhelmed. We need to push ourselves out of a place of fear and acknowledge our frustration and pain to our Lord.

Releasing pent up feelings is a relief.

Out of this we can draw encouragement as our mind clears and we more likely can hear the voice of our Lord, our heavenly Father. He knows all and will not let us down, according to His promises. We may feel as if we are failing but he is not a failing God.

We need also to take our "spinning" mind from the dark places  and cling to helpful Scriptures. These are like a medicine for an ailment and shift our thoughts heavenward, providing great relief.

We then see progress. We compare our state to just a few hours before when life seemed insurmountable. We once again see that we were built to overcome. (Psalm 92:1-2)

Misunderstanding Grace

We misunderstand grace because we have nothing with which to compare it.

Perhaps some of us knew of one whom modeled God's grace but that is rare.

More likely we have been told the words, "I love you and will stand by you 'til the end," but our humanity is flawed.

This causes us to crave unconditional love but we assume that such love cannot exist.

Receiving grace cannot happen by merely memorizing Scripture or reading the Bible but by the decision to put aside our compulsive habits.

We all have these habits. Rather than leaning into God's grace, we attempt to make our life happier via our own means and habits. We try to meet our emotional needs by our means rather than exposing our core being to God.

Only as we allow Him to take away our compulsive habits do we experience true grace.

We may need to reveal our deepest secrets to another so that we can walk this path. We will probably need to stop making excuses and hear another's advice. We will have to discipline ourselves to live differently which becomes easier over time.

God's grace operates differently to human love. We feel that we must work to deserve it. The beauty of God's grace is that this is not so. (Psalm 103:10)

The Choice

Mostly, faith is learnt through hard work. The greatest lessons in life are learnt through our pain. When life is good we don't really need faith but when life is difficult, it's a different story.

Difficulties cause us to question life and it's meaning and this is when we grow.

Life can involve looking back and regretting certain decisions or wishing for a different outcome. There's much, though, no matter what, that can be learnt in the process.

There are choices in the process. We can still be fruitful even in difficult situations. (James 1:12)