Anger and hurt

God, Is It Ok To Be Angry?

How many times have we suppressed anger because we've been told that it's inappropriate. As a parent we tell a child not to show anger because it's embarrassing or wrong. We then dismiss the situation and send an inadequate message.

In later years, this child can then find it difficult to identify how he truly feels or he demonstrates explosive outbursts.

His honesty is prevented by a fear of rejection. "Niceness" and "suitable behavior" has been prized over honesty. Genuine feelings were punished.

Many have been taught that real Christians don't get angry. King David and the Apostle Paul though, often spoke in ways that revealed deep hurt and anger. God Himself reveals anger.

God knows that we will be angry at times and He can handle it. It's we as believers that are unsure of a response. And so we instruct ourselves and others to hide this legitimate emotion.

In Ephesians 4:25-26, Paul instructs believers to stop lying to each other and be honest about our anger.

When we allow anger to be expressed in an appropriate setting, time and way, we allow honesty, we are encouraging godliness and prevent future problems.