The work of Jael in Judges 4 astounds me.

War comes into her personal life and home uninvited where she should have felt safe.

She is alone and has to face an experienced warrior. 

Her emotions are not described and yet it seems that rather than panicking, she dealt with the situation and succeeded. 

She invited the general Sisera into her home, gave him a blanket and cup of milk. When he asked her to guard the door she obeyed his command until he fell asleep. She then takes a tent peg and drives it through his head, killing him.

This fulfills the prophecy by the judge, Deborah. Victory would come by the hands of a woman.

There will be times when the enemy wreaks havoc in our world and we had no idea that it would occur. We feel ill equipped and vulnerable.

And yet God prevails. We see it in this story.

Jael, a woman, overcame Sisera, an experienced man of war, with wisdom, a blanket, a cup of milk and a tent peg. 

We should not forget God's omnipresence nor power. in all of our situations.