Emotional and mental strain

The Unreality of a Balanced Life


I think I've lived enough of life to realize that there is little that we can do to control it.

Many of us work very hard in an attempt to balance our lives in different areas, only to find that our plan is interrupted.

Interruption should be expected. Careers change, relocation is normal, sickness and death are a reality, a baby is birthed, marriage and divorce should bring radical change to one's life. 

The adjustments of life pull more out of us and our reserves are depleted more quickly in these times.

Early days in my crisis, one well meaning soul advised that I should get back to the gym regularly to help relieve my anxiety. Meanwhile, my life was transitioning in every area. The thought of putting one more thing into my day was overwhelming.

The balanced life is not so much, giving equal energy into each area on a regular basis but that we recognize the need for shift in each season and cater accordingly.

Yes, it's important that we care for each area of our lives whether it be care of our body, soul or spirit. But we need to be gracious with one self.