Emotional pain

The Surrender of Control

Accepting God's plan is one of the most difficult decisions. It places us in humble circumstances at times.

We feel powerless to change things and we long to control our lives again.

It is actually a good place to be although it does not feel so. Our discomfort awakens us from the routines that we had established in life. It also reminds us of God's authority.

The choice is whether we will lash out at circumstances and resent God, or draw closer to God.

In suffering our need for God is greater than ever. The more we move toward God, whether we feel Him or not, the more we can find hope and trust in a love that is unfailing.

As we persevere in this trust, God eventually lifts us up again. In the meantime, we choose to cast our anxieties upon Him. It's all a choice.

Into The Deep

Some times we can be cynical about the above words when it comes to church events. We may not verbalize our thoughts and emotions but nevertheless cynicism is there.

Cynicism masks our pain and past hurt. 

We can flounder in our mixed and painful emotions that are a distraction or we can grab hold of those ever present opportunities from God.

The Bible, church and fellowship are ever present for many of us and we should not take them for granted. They are gifts from God.

These things regularly remind us of those people in God's Word that went before us. They suffered similar dilemmas and yet, if they sought the depths of God, they found Him in a greater measure. (Psalm 84:2)

Success is not a position in life but it relies upon the decisions that we make daily. That is, to choose to do the best with the daily obstacles and go deeper with our God.

The Choice

Mostly, faith is learnt through hard work. The greatest lessons in life are learnt through our pain. When life is good we don't really need faith but when life is difficult, it's a different story.

Difficulties cause us to question life and it's meaning and this is when we grow.

Life can involve looking back and regretting certain decisions or wishing for a different outcome. There's much, though, no matter what, that can be learnt in the process.

There are choices in the process. We can still be fruitful even in difficult situations. (James 1:12)