Expectation of others

When We Cant Find God

It's easy to tell others to trust God. We sincerely mean what we say but to another it is so painful. The statement is spoken as simply as telling one to pick up milk from the supermarket but for the one in dilemma, milk is no longer in existence.

Trust can be a moment by moment decision.

Rather than planning long term, focus on  getting through each day. When panic looms, this is a moment to ask for God's help. 

Focussing on His presence, is the best protection against depression and self pity.

Many in crisis feel that God is busy elsewhere. That others are more important.

God's resources and presence though are unlimited. All we need to do is to ask Him for help.

Rather than expecting other people, including our church, to be the everlasting provider of care and love, it is God that does not fail. He is the source that does not run out. (Psalm 62:8)