Demands of Life

Even though this is one of the most wonderful times of year, It is also stressful. Finances are stretched, apart from dealing with family and other usual pressures.

 We can find ourselves staring down a long tunnel of worry and fear. We gaze at these many problems but then glance occasionally at God.

This is normal for our fallen minds in a fallen world. But then we need to remember that God has created us to live supernaturally and that He has empowered us to do so.

When we feel ourselves sliding toward that tunnel of doom in which we become entrenched in problems, we should redirect our attention to our constant companion, God. Understand that it's the devil's aim to distract us toward fear and doom and away from the loving Father.

Problems are often temporary. Fear is often a focus upon things that have not yet happened. But God is forever present, available and powerful.

God - Good or Bad?

It's so easy to give standard answers regarding God. "He's good, loving, powerful, ever present...."

Some times we need to step back and be honest with ourselves regarding our true thoughts. We feel as if He's blessing others but some how we got left behind. 

In Matthew 25, a servant was given a sum of money to invest for his master. He buried it and his excuse was that his master was a hard man. The servant was afraid of opportunity and his master.

Where did the servant get this knowledge regarding "hardness"? Certainly he didn't get this from observing his master as the other two servants invested wisely and were blessed. The master was not hard but was just and loving. He represents God.

The only way that he could have developed this view was by the observation of others who were hard and then the servant projected this view onto his master.

How do we see God? Are we willing to look behind our Sunday School answers and admit that we fall short in a few areas? Perhaps we view God through a lens tainted by a distant dad, mean brother or harsh teacher. Perhaps we view God as uncaring because we were inadequately nurtured as a child. (As we all were). 

When we are honest with ourselves, we can confess our shortfall to God and God's true love for us breaks through. We start to comprehend why life is not performing our way and we can walk with an ease that was not formerly present. (Matthew 25)