God's deliverance

Coping with Confusion

Some times we are so confused.. We long to move forward and we try different things.

We have been so hope-filled and have dreamed big. Disappointment though prevails.

Many do not understand. Our confusion though should not be spilt over all others. Wisdom chooses friendship carefully.

There is One though whom makes our path straight and sees that through which we persevere. 

While we are overwhelmed by circumstances, God totally understands the difficulties of our journey.

Many things seem wrong or strange as we step through life. Yet God weaves them into a plan for good. In the today, this is difficult to discern but as we look back at our lives, we can often see God's handiwork.

Our humanity means that we often view life from a very small perspective but from the perspective of the Master Planner, He is leading us along a straight path. (Proverbs 20:24)