God's grace

You're a Good Person But...

You're a good person but...."

Many people have been on the receiving end of such a statement. 

How does one feel when hearing such words, particularly in the breakdown of a long term relationship.

The one speaking these words may be attempting to soften a blow but the words are mostly spoken out of guilt, particularly if a marriage covenant is being broken.

On the receiving end, there are often feelings of bewilderment and inadequacy. One is good but not good enough. What is good enough? If I try a little harder would that make a difference in the relationship?

And then sadness and hurt can turn to anger. Who has permission to set such a standard?

Even God does not hold such standards over our heads. And so we should let such accusatory statements go so that they no longer wound our hearts and minds.

God's grace is always sufficient and never ends.