God's love and obedience

To be Good Enough

Many of us have a works mentality regarding God's love. Perhaps we could consider it more of an obedience mentality.

Some times this comes out of our past, perhaps from a parent. Typically as parents, we reward our children for their obedience and performance.

Too harsh or demanding authority though can cause us to view God's love as conditional. Obedience becomes our measure of God's acceptance. And then, because we cannot meet these standards, we walk through life feeling hopeless and defeated, believing a little voice in our head - "I am not good enough." We may form unhealthy behaviors to cope with these feelings.

In Romans 12:2, the author informs us differently. With a little effort and support from friends, we can retrain our minds. We can fill our minds with the truth of God's unconditional love. Our beliefs begin to change.

You may have opinions and perceptions of yourself but they are not truth. God's Words are the truth and we need to regularly feed His Words into our heart and mind.