Hardship and loss

What Do I Need?

In times of want and need we tend to focus on that particular desire. It becomes our primary focus and occupies our thoughts.

For myself, I found myself reestablishing myself as a single woman, selling and moving homes and finding a new career.

Do I leave my home church or stay? Do I move back to Australia or to a location close to my children?

Such concerns are a normal part of life but the stress of these things can find us pushing God to the periphery.

At such times we can neglect to seek God for help and become obsessed with our dilemma.

What do we do?

I believe that we start with repentance. Do what we usually do when we've neglected some one that we love.

After repentance, let the conversation with God flow.

The more we focus on God, the more access to His unfailing love.

His never ending love is empowering and fuels us as does nothing else. 


None can predict seasons in life. While we can generally predict weather  and the four seasons of the year, we cannot order our life.

In tragedy, we can feel that pain is with us for the rest of our days. We may even attempt to prematurely escape our lot.

Timing though is in the hand of God.

To be real about expectations of self and others, is not only practical, but fair and loving.

To stay with one's eyes inclined toward God, rather than others, is essential.

God's merciful presence is a daily occurrence in these times, if we make the effort to look.

Even in the darkest of days, we will discover His compassion, perhaps in the smallest of things.

Man's love may fail, but God's compassion is great, and His love unfailing. (Lamentations 3:32)