Healing of a broken heart

Joy in a Crisis

The most wonderful time of year, that being Thanksgiving and Xmas, can be filled with mixed feelings. Depending on events, many dread this time.

While we celebrate with friends and family, some don't have this luxury. We can reach out to include these friends in our festivities but it only brings limited comfort.

Man alone cannot heal a broken heart.

All face crises. We desperately desire the painful experience to pass. We dwell on those in the Bible whom experienced loss, and comfort ourselves that God blesses those whom are faithful. 

Some crises though are not short and so we have to determine to find joy in the pain.

I think of Moses as He led His people through the divided Red Sea. The people likely rushed through, craving the safety of the other side, away from the enemy and therefore living once again in contentment.

I believe though that God places miracles, excitement and learning within a crisis.

As the Israelites moved along a path through the parted waters of the Red Sea, imagine the view to either side of them. While it must have been terrifying, at the same time it was an opportunity to view the miraculous power of God.

So we can view moments in our crises. Rather than focusing constantly on escape, we can find joy and God's miracles in the journey of pain.

The Israelites must have seen extraordinary things in the walls of water either side of them. So can we if we focus on our Lord along the way rather than merely yearning for an ending with no pain.