The Hand and Will of God - Questions and Answers

We've heard the statement, "Even when our world is falling apart, God is still working in all areas."

Easily said but not easily lived. And very hard to hear when life is in turmoil.

The hand and will of God though is often not pleasant. It is not the stuff of our dreams.

It may even mean that we have to stagger through a storm alone, accused and ashamed. 

God's will is rarely a life of success and no adversity. Consider Isaiah 53:10 in regards to Jesus.

We also cannot deny the pain of Joseph's life. At 17, he was betrayed by his brothers, sold into slavery and separated from family for twenty years. And yet would we say that he was out of God's will? And that God had removed Himself from Joseph's life?

God will accomplish His purpose and His will despite the messiness of life.

It actually takes trials and pain to make us useful to God. In fact it's doubtful that anyone is truly useful to God without very deep pain.

Friend, I've Messed Up


I'm not the woman that I thought I'd be in my fifties. Nor are my circumstances what I expected.

I'm a bit sadder and angrier than I thought I'd be, but I am more loved than I would have guessed.

While life goes on, change means that some friendships disappear. These relationships were more based on a love of shared career than of friendship. Close friends though do not leave us to wade through this mire alone.

Some friends connect despite distance and busyness and the cost of an international call. 

Some speak words of praise and encouragement knowing that the heart and mind has taken a battering. These words are healing and act as a fuel to try again for another day.

Some dare to hug and touch you, even the opposite sex, knowing the importance of personal touch when one has been deprived.

Some understand that there's a  part of us that cannot yet move forward but there is no criticism or correction. Just acceptance.

In friendship, there's knowledge that one has messed up life but they don't walk away. They see that Jesus is being formed within each of us and that we will make it.