Pain and suffering

Darkness, A Temporary Sanctuary

Darkness, being the mind's dark thoughts, is often a sanctuary when life crashes.

It can feel safe and allows us to feel that we have have some control, despite the fact that our life as we knew it, is over.

In darkness our life is a little less shocking while we fight to resurrect what we have lost.

In darkness, we attempt to create a path that will bring us back pre disaster.

This desire, to recreate, can be found in the book of Genesis.

When Adam and Eve sinned, they realized their nakedness while their first thought was to take control by covering their nakedness.

Of great significance in the situation is this. Adam and Eve's action was as shocking as what they failed to do.

Their lives were changed drastically and yet they tried to hide consequences via a leaf covering!  

Eyes open but hearts closed, they tried to manage the disaster.

Often in life we may encounter this type of situation. We build a pleasant and supposedly successful life but in a moment it is stripped away. We either shun God or struggle to believe that He is present in our darkness.

Yet God's light shines in the darkness (John 1:5). it's in this place of darkness, where we let go of what once was, and we discover God's light.

We are loved by God in our mess. He is never shocked by the dark places that we go. He waits for us and does not fear this darkness in which we shelter. His love is ongoing.


Coping with Confusion

Some times we are so confused.. We long to move forward and we try different things.

We have been so hope-filled and have dreamed big. Disappointment though prevails.

Many do not understand. Our confusion though should not be spilt over all others. Wisdom chooses friendship carefully.

There is One though whom makes our path straight and sees that through which we persevere. 

While we are overwhelmed by circumstances, God totally understands the difficulties of our journey.

Many things seem wrong or strange as we step through life. Yet God weaves them into a plan for good. In the today, this is difficult to discern but as we look back at our lives, we can often see God's handiwork.

Our humanity means that we often view life from a very small perspective but from the perspective of the Master Planner, He is leading us along a straight path. (Proverbs 20:24)