We celebrate many firsts and lasts in life. The word "celebrate" has a variety of meanings. Some times it's effortless while some times it's work.

We are coming to a time of year, Thanksgiving and Christmas, that can evoke difficult emotions. It's a time of year when many seek and need support.

Those whom are happy should not merely shelter in their happiness but look out for those who hurt. We will always be surrounded by others whom are less fortunate.

I write this for those that find the coming days of celebration tough.

While loneliness is difficult, self-pity is a bottomless pit. Therefore allow yourself to hurt and cry but then determine to stop.

My priority every morning, is to read my Bible and a devotional. These things are like a good glass of wine. They are not just informative but empowering. Write down, underline, recite a verse that penetrates your despair and determine that God designed you to overcome the obstacles of your life.

Shower and get dressed. One's bed is so inviting - to just keep your head under the covers and hope that this life would disappear. Showering and dressing seem to wash away negative emotions. Determine that this day will be better than anticipated.

Lastly, a list gives direction for difficult days. While this list might contain "must dos" that seem impossible, place easier tasks on it too. These easy things will provide a sense of accomplishment.

Make sure that you go out of your home at least once so that you are in the company of other people.

Include those to whom you owe thanks. It costs little or nothing to send a text, email or card of appreciation.

Determine to do life well. These difficult celebratory days will pass and once again you can be one whom enjoys such, rather than being one whom dreads these times. This in itself is empowering. As much as the good times are nice, faith and strength are learnt and exercised in the tough times.