Shame dictates the lives of many. Setting goals therefore seem impossible.

Shame speaks to us and says that setting a goal will only show our deficiency. We will fail again. Therefore to not try seems a safer option.

In shame, we tend to hide ourselves away and rarely are we honest with others. We fear others' rejection and the exposure of our inadequacies.

We can set goals in one area of life but neglect to do so in another where shame is present. We can regularly set goals regarding a career but avoid goal setting for our damaged marriage. One area of our life is rewarding and so we focus upon that but we avoid the other incessantly. We fear failure and so turn our attention elsewhere.

Shame envelopes us for various reasons whether it has been birthed out of hurt, neglect, abuse or past failure. There are many reasons but none have to prevent us from going forward.

No matter the reasons for shame, non investment of effort in this area is not a solution. The very first goal is to admit the presence of shame. And therefore question its place in one's life.

To ignore the presence of shame in our lives is a sad occurrence as it stands as the road block to a more fulfilling life. It robs others of truly knowing us and sharing in the benefits of our talents.

Shame should not be embraced as a part of who we are but rather exposed as the lie that it is.