Self reflection

Truth or Compromise

Trusting God can be difficult. In a world of good and bad, it's a struggle to believe that God has good for us.

We should, despite problems, cling to the thought. God is the source of our freedom.

The closer that we live to Him, the freer we will be. Healing is in intimacy with God.

In this place we see life from a new perspective.

To lay down the past brings freedom.

There are days when our minds attempt to be free from the confines of God.  Thoughts race through our minds that lead us further from true freedom. Reasons to break relationships, justification for our actions, overspending, the list goes on.

We should remember though, that God has called and equipped us to live a life of the supernatural rather than the natural.

Quick solutions rarely work. They are a temporary cover for deeper wounds.

God makes us free through His truth and not our compromise. When we keep focus on God, we see truth and have more confidence and clarity regarding our life. (John 8:32)