Sickness and aging

Those Days

Some days are overwhelming. We don't know exactly the reason or perhaps we do.

We feel stuck in certain circumstances and that there are no options. God seems silent to our plight. Being content seems an impossibility.

I believe that our very first option though is to unload our burden onto God. We often withhold our pain from Him because we are so overwhelmed. We need to push ourselves out of a place of fear and acknowledge our frustration and pain to our Lord.

Releasing pent up feelings is a relief.

Out of this we can draw encouragement as our mind clears and we more likely can hear the voice of our Lord, our heavenly Father. He knows all and will not let us down, according to His promises. We may feel as if we are failing but he is not a failing God.

We need also to take our "spinning" mind from the dark places  and cling to helpful Scriptures. These are like a medicine for an ailment and shift our thoughts heavenward, providing great relief.

We then see progress. We compare our state to just a few hours before when life seemed insurmountable. We once again see that we were built to overcome. (Psalm 92:1-2)