Strength versus weakness

A New Life

Perhaps we need a new start in life. This can occur for many different reasons whether we have moved from home or lost a loved one.

No matter what the event, starting anew takes time and requires forming new habits.

We can pine after the old life and this is essential to a degree but we cannot continue to dwell on the old life. We cannot keep trying to bring the old into the new life.

At times, we may feel unsafe but we must call on God's name.

At times, we might try to fill areas of anxiety with wrong things. In our weakness though, we must call for God's strength.

We believe at times that God is invisible and so we reach for the tangible. God though manifests Himself as we call on His name. As we determine to not give up, we find God's strength. (Proverbs 18:10, Phillippians 4:13)