Unconditional love

Throwaway People

How many times do we place people in the "too hard basket"? Their problems are too complex or may be embarrassing.

We justify our lack of support. Maybe our excuses are valid but these words are familiar to many of us - not my ministry, not worth my time or we feel inadequate. Our excuses may hold an element of truth.

We serve a God though who did not ignore but turned aside to serve the needs of others. He was not embarrassed or overwhelmed by those whom He encountered. He also empowered us to do the same.

Jesus served and loved the unlovely, the outcasts of society and those whom to this day remain unknown.

There was no ulterior motive, no paycheck, ticket to stardom nor did it further His career.

All are made in the image of our loving Father and are worthy of His love and care.

Misunderstanding Grace

We misunderstand grace because we have nothing with which to compare it.

Perhaps some of us knew of one whom modeled God's grace but that is rare.

More likely we have been told the words, "I love you and will stand by you 'til the end," but our humanity is flawed.

This causes us to crave unconditional love but we assume that such love cannot exist.

Receiving grace cannot happen by merely memorizing Scripture or reading the Bible but by the decision to put aside our compulsive habits.

We all have these habits. Rather than leaning into God's grace, we attempt to make our life happier via our own means and habits. We try to meet our emotional needs by our means rather than exposing our core being to God.

Only as we allow Him to take away our compulsive habits do we experience true grace.

We may need to reveal our deepest secrets to another so that we can walk this path. We will probably need to stop making excuses and hear another's advice. We will have to discipline ourselves to live differently which becomes easier over time.

God's grace operates differently to human love. We feel that we must work to deserve it. The beauty of God's grace is that this is not so. (Psalm 103:10)