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Some One Stole My Life

In the last 18 months, I've found myself in the biggest battle yet. I say "yet" because no one knows the future. We can plan and have safeguards but God did not promise us safety nor happiness.

My arrival at this place is inconsequential. It's  a place that I don't understand nor chose and I still debate it with God. He is my judge and the only One whose opinion truly counts.

No matter our walk though, there is a powerful verse in Psalm 126:5 that reads "Those who plant with tears reap the harvest with joyful shouts."

These are not just words of comfort but are words of action.

They are a war cry for those who are tired and have been worn down, even abandoned or no longer desire to walk the walk.

God knows that we wish to give up or stay in our pajamas all day. He knows that at times, when the sun rises,  we desire the anonymity and mindlessness of sleep.

Our Father does not want us to wait though for a magic wand to wave happiness back into our lives.

Yes, there is pain and loss. Career, ministry, relationships and life are fragile and some times temporary. But to sow, even in bits and pieces, even if it's not obvious to others, even if it's into your own life, is important.

Sow some seeds. Sow into others and be generous. Doing this may seem so insignificant in comparison to your past life. Nevertheless, we are sowing in our tears, and waiting for the promised joy.