demonstrations of faith

Following Our Father

Being willing to follow God, wherever He leads, can be difficult.

Change is an easy yes when life is not challenging. How many times have we stood in church and mouthed a cheerful yes in the good times? It's very different though when a season is difficult.

We may not know what lies ahead but God does. His greatest blessings may be just around the corner, out of sight. To be a recipient of these blessings, we must walk by faith and not sight.

Walking by faith does not mean that we close our eyes to all of the present problems that we are facing but that we press into the ever-present God within us.

Yes the problems are still a part of life but we daily have a choice as to whether we take hold of the Father's hand that can lift us to a place higher than difficulties. We choose to not focus on the surrounding turmoil and we look for our comforting Father that is within us.

To allow this presents us with a different view.