failure and disappointment

Each Day

Have you ever come to the end of the day and just as you climb into bed, realized that you have forgotten to do something that's important? For me it was the mortgage payment.  And just when you think that your bank account is looking okay!

Yesterday's failures and disappointments can weigh us down and steal the joy out of our lives. They keep us awake at night when we wish to close our eyes and be removed from pain and problems.

Ive found that each day, when I open my eyes, that I should determine to shift my focus.

To focus on my failure brings depression and misery but to envision God beside me, the bearer of my burdens, brings a new perspective entirely.

We are being renewed daily but it cannot be done by my willpower and effort alone.

The Holy Spirit is in charge of my renewal and He's alive within me and you.

Pain and problems are a vital part of this renewal process and so, to determine, the small things for which we can give thanks, will bring a smile back to our face. (Psalm 73:23-24)