fear and anxiety

Self Protection or Love

Every one of us lives with a level of discomfort.

Others may look really together but even 'the together ones" carry a form of mess within.

Discomfort heightens when we're put on the spot, anger emerges when a spouse displeases us, conversation shifts when a topic surfaces our ignorance and we search for opportunities to enhance our reputations.

We seek places of comfort rather than challenge and as believers we explore ways to improve our spirituality - serving and helping, reading and praying, selling our talents to others to prove our worth.

But still the nagging feeling of discomfort continues. There's more to us than merely loving God and others.

We were not designed to live in this world. Before sin, vulnerability with God and each other was natural. But sin ushered in shame and avoidance and a fear of rejection, even if it meant hurting those that we love. Therefore while we crave closeness, we create distance with others.

To present a front, or self protect may feel safe but it limits the depth of a relationship.

Finding those whom are willing to hear our struggles and anxiety is vital.

Being one whom is willing  to allow another to have issues is vital.

Even more, being one whom can hear but not offer the quick fix is more precious than gold.



The Unknown

I dislike uncertainty and not knowing what life will bring. Particularly when times are tough, the future seems daunting, 

These times are opportunities to focus on God, the one constant companion in life, as looking behind or to the future, may only increase anxiety. We need to trust that God will fully equip us for our journey.

Time, too, can be our protection. To view our lives all at once would be frightening.

God, unlimited by time, meets us in our present moment.

We need to find our secret place with God and breathe His presence deeply. (Psalm 143:8)