fear and worry

Demands of Life

Even though this is one of the most wonderful times of year, It is also stressful. Finances are stretched, apart from dealing with family and other usual pressures.

 We can find ourselves staring down a long tunnel of worry and fear. We gaze at these many problems but then glance occasionally at God.

This is normal for our fallen minds in a fallen world. But then we need to remember that God has created us to live supernaturally and that He has empowered us to do so.

When we feel ourselves sliding toward that tunnel of doom in which we become entrenched in problems, we should redirect our attention to our constant companion, God. Understand that it's the devil's aim to distract us toward fear and doom and away from the loving Father.

Problems are often temporary. Fear is often a focus upon things that have not yet happened. But God is forever present, available and powerful.