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Children, Investment and Prayer

We sometimes find ourselves stressing over our parenting skills.

Days pass with us running from one place to another - errands, work, family activities.

We want to care for our families, but so many other things begin to take over. At the end of the day, we are left wondering and perhaps stressing!

Philippians 4:6 instructs us not to worry but to pray and let God know what we need. 

 We took this to heart in the early years of the boys’ lives. Each night from the time the boys were two till the final days of their elementary life, we would pray with the boys at bed time. It was our personal, one-on-one with our boys—a time they would not let us miss!

These small moments before bedtime were where we would pray (sometimes a basic prayer thanking God for the day) and talk about the day. These talks developed into conversations about the struggles the boys may be facing and/or the good things that were happening. This time benefited both of them; the boys were developing a relationship with God and strengthening their relationship with us and I knew that we had invested in our boys and thus would have one less worry that night.

Bedtime was the best time for us, but there may be another time that benefits other parents. When we find what works, we can develop those special times in the lives of our children.