security and relationship

All About Ruth

In the book of Ruth, we see two very different types of women. While they plow forward through extraordinary loss, they portray differing strengths.

Many of us, in crisis, tend to isolate. People either are busy, want us to react in a certain way or after a draining day of work, there's simply no more energy or time to give.

Neither of these women though chose isolation,  a dangerous choice when in trouble.

Ruth also clings to her relationship with Naomi as while Naomi admits bitterness, Ruth knows Naomi better. Ruth does not try to correct this woman whom she loves. Ruth only seems to desire to stay close to her.

But there's another interesting aspect to this story.

In crisis, we can cling to possessions. After all, we spend a lifetime trying to acquire these things as they offer some sense of comfort and security.

For myself, when my security was so shaken with loss of marriage and job, I spent hours going over my possessions, to determine what wealth I could secure.

Yet here is Ruth choosing relationship over things. We do not see her concerned with possessions but concerned with losing a treasured relationship.

We see a lady who leaves the comforts of home and ventures forth into a new land with strangers, because she wished to maintain a relationship.

To me this is great faith amidst crisis.