the power of God

The Tension of God's Will

I'm loving this extra hour of rest this morning before I drag out of bed and get ready for church. Extra time to sit, play with the dogs and read and write. And I must admit, eating three donuts brought to me by my husband.

Part of my study this morning has been to study God and His will.

We wonder why God seems to do nothing about certain problems and so we question His power and care for us. We believe that if a problem, for example a marriage, a person or financial difficulty would disappear, then life would be better.  This form of thinking though shows shortsightedness and even arrogance. That we believe our plan to be  best.

Honestly we often don't agree with how God does the job and that He should work according to our wants and desires.

Sometimes we even lower our standards to find freedom if God does not perform within our time frame. For example, thoughts such as "I deserve to be happy" lead us often to do things that are contrary to God's plan. 

Patience is difficult. Living in the tension of unresolved issues is hard.

God's ultimate quest though is to make us holy and close to Him and no amount of shifting or short cuts on our behalf will alter this or bring us the result that we believe that we deserve.

God - Good or Bad?

It's so easy to give standard answers regarding God. "He's good, loving, powerful, ever present...."

Some times we need to step back and be honest with ourselves regarding our true thoughts. We feel as if He's blessing others but some how we got left behind. 

In Matthew 25, a servant was given a sum of money to invest for his master. He buried it and his excuse was that his master was a hard man. The servant was afraid of opportunity and his master.

Where did the servant get this knowledge regarding "hardness"? Certainly he didn't get this from observing his master as the other two servants invested wisely and were blessed. The master was not hard but was just and loving. He represents God.

The only way that he could have developed this view was by the observation of others who were hard and then the servant projected this view onto his master.

How do we see God? Are we willing to look behind our Sunday School answers and admit that we fall short in a few areas? Perhaps we view God through a lens tainted by a distant dad, mean brother or harsh teacher. Perhaps we view God as uncaring because we were inadequately nurtured as a child. (As we all were). 

When we are honest with ourselves, we can confess our shortfall to God and God's true love for us breaks through. We start to comprehend why life is not performing our way and we can walk with an ease that was not formerly present. (Matthew 25)