tough times

Daring to admit Weakness

Doing well in the middle of tough times does not involve acting strong. Publicly pretending what is not privately true doesn’t impress nor bring glory to God.

In fact the pretense of strength in one suffering is damaging as the person does not get needed support.

Rarely does denying weakness strengthen us.

In crises and pain, God reveals the weaknesses of one’s heart. This revealing is not to embarrass or shame us nor to cause guilt. It’s in these times that an individual has an opportunity to cry out for God’s transforming grace.

To deny weakness is to deny opportunity and fractures relationships because transparency with others is absent. Rather be honest about your weaknesses and find a community of those who will allow this. They therefore can be a part of your healing process.

Overall, weakness does not need to be the enemy but rather the opportunity to discover your new potential .