Why are Face Time and phone calls an option for sessions?

Lifestyles today are a lot more varied than in times passed. Technology has advanced too. Therefore these methods have become counseling options. They work well for those who travel or have busy lives yet still want to continue sessions. These methods do not work for all but are definitely favorable for some. While in the comfort of your home, office or even while on the road, help is still available.

Does a person have to stick with one method?

No. Many clients have face to face meetings in an office but a commitment takes them out of town. Rather than miss a session, they arrange a phone consultation or face time.

Why the cheaper rates?

I have worked as a certified counselor for years. It is not for lack of experience that I have set discounted rates. Cost though often inhibits some from completing sessions. Therefore I have lessened my rates so that cost is less of a barrier. 


Payments are non-refundable, whether an individual session or paid in a group payment.

Do you prescribe medication?


Many therapists allow counseling to go long term. How do I know that they are just not interested in getting my money?

This is a legitimate question and it probably occurs. It is not though always true. Some visit counselors and coaches and are ready to make change. Other people are not at that point. We also can progress in therapy but slip back into detrimental thinking and behavior. When consulting a counselor or life coach, ask regarding the number of required sessions. This avoids misunderstanding.

How does a person make contact for further information?

Email me at kirschnerjillian@gmail.com or phone 470 206 0270.

With whom are you certified and affiliated?

Apart from my educational accomplishments and many years of experience as a pastor, I am certified by the BCPPC and The Board of Examiners for Georgia Christian Counselors and Therapists. I have a presidential membership through The American Association of Christian Counselors and am also a professional member of Georgia Christian Counselors Association.

Do you perform other services?

I do perform other services. I am very familiar with public speaking to both small and large crowds and have spoken on both radio and television. I have traveled internationally and extensively over the last twenty years, due to my ability to both write and speak.